Dave has been practicing criminal defense in Arizona since 1997. After receiving his undergrad degree from St. Louis University, Dave went on to earn his J.D. from the University of Missouri at Kansas City.

Dave is licensed to practice in all Arizona state courts as well as the United States District Court in Arizona.

Dave has conducted numerous misdemeanor and felony trials in the past 24 years in addition to hundreds of Administrative Hearings that often accompany criminal prosecutions.

Dave has also completed 10 Ironman races and over 100 half ironman, Olympic, and Sprint distances races in the last 30 years. In one year, Dave raised over $10,000.00 for the Challenged Athlete Foundation (Operation Rebound) while racing at the Silverman Full Distance Triathlon.


Dave is a big fan of the 2nd Amendment and practices shooting on a monthly basis. He believes that responsible gun ownership is a natural obligation to the community when you exercise your constitutional right. However, defending yourself and standing your ground may lead overzealous law enforcement to charge you with a violent or dangerous crime. Call the office if you have been wrongly accused while asserting your constitutional rights.


Dave enjoys shooting for sport but hunts with a bow. He is aware that Game and Fish of Arizona may sometimes overstep their authority in the field. If you are cited by AZGF, be sure to give Dave a call.