If you have had property seized in Arizona such as cash, a vehicle, or other property, you may be entitled to the return of the property if no criminal charges have been filed! It is important to have an experienced forfeiture attorney in order to navigate the complex nature of law enforcement seizures.

Governor Ducey Signs Legislation To Protect Arizonans’ Personal Property Rights | Office of the Arizona Governor (

Arizona’s Governor has signed a new law, which enables people who have had their property illegally seized by law enforcement, returned if no criminal conviction takes place.

It is very common in Arizona that law enforcement will seize property and never file criminal charges against a person. In the past, if the person from whom the property was seized, never filed a claim, the property would be automatically forfeited to the State. That is no longer the case. The State must now prove there is an actual link to criminal activity under Arizona’s new statute.

If you have a vehicle or cash seized, you will need an attorney experienced in forfeiture that knows the particular statutes that apply to your case. Our office has helped numerous people in the return of seized property over the last 20 years in Arizona.